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my name is s8jfou (suis-je fou).
In English, my name can be translate like this : Am8mad (Am I mad).

Born in 90's in France, I grew up close to a piano. My uncle gave me an old drum set when I was 9, and I hit it until the snare and toms cracked. In 2009 I discovered Ableton Live after some months trying to make anything with Garageband. And this is where all started.

I stopped school at 14 years old. I've no degree, certificate or anything. I've never studied music or even work with a piano teacher. I just try things I like. But music kept all my attention quickly.


Now, all my life is music. I'm sure if one day I become deaf, I will naturally die in a week.

Photo : Ivan Lepays

In 2017, I bought a land in mountains to flee big city's and civilisation that I don't really understand.

I started to build an 8m2 cabin in 2018 during 8 months. And this is where I live most of the year now, and where I make my music.

This is a video about the building process. During this 8 months I've slept on a hammock under a tarp, high in trees.

I have a little solar panel, I keep myself warm with a wood stove, I also cook on that stove, I drink the natural water from mountains close to my house, and I walk to the shop during 3 hours trough the forest to buy food when I'm tired about eating shrooms.

#S8jfou 4 (finish).jpg

Photo : Herb Dolphy Co.

During some years I was fascinated by synthesizers and hardware stuff. I made my second album only with hardware gear and I already had a studio in 2017 full of synthesizers.

When I finished my cabin, I came back to music with the feeling that every of these plastic gear wasn't necessary. I just sold almost everything, except the synths I need to play live without computer (because I still feel that playing live on Ableton is annoying for me, and even more for people who go to the gig).

Actually, I'm deeply fascinated by MaxMSP and I'm much more capable to compose complex stuff on my computer. I also have the idea that digital music can be totally free and open source and I like this possibility. Building new tools without spending money and produce plastic or rare metal garbage, and share it for free with the world make me happy

This is three of my favourite track of all time


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