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IDM Bass electronic

Ambient Downtempo



Too Free


Valby Rotary

habits album cover

What a cool compilation from Tom VR, Louf & Jeigo. Some beautiful melodic electronica.



caves album cover

Charming little ambient downtempo release.

Fast Asleep

Funki Porcini

fast asleep album cover

Found this masterpiece of downtempo trip-hop from 2002. How did I missed it ? I definitely love the track "The Great Drive By".

Sip Up

Stay Mute

sip up album cover

Unpredictable emotive piece of ambient bass music with hip-hop taste.


Olof Dreijer

coral album cover

3 very various tracks with silly bass & voice sampled, and then chora-like acoustic piece of ambient with pitched voices.



kampan album cover

Pruvan and his unique dark way of making shifted hard bass music.

Feeling Flying

Feeling Flying

feeling flying album cover

Distorded lofi peaceful soft ambient reverb piece.



dostrotime album cover

Our daddy's last album is now in streaming. The square has been pushed.



blox album cover

Mental braindance with a weird way of mixing stuff that sometimes give you the sensation of broken filters. Very cool textures and some emotional experimental tracks.

Nocto Vea

Pura Pura & Gipsyan

nocto vea album cover

90's pads & breakbeat or trance with a modern taste of bass and mixing.

Transforming Matter


transforming matter album cover

Absolute masterpiece from swiss artist Chewlie. Amazing use of filters, deep ambiences. I really liked this release.

Mika Kokhayu Bezmezhno

Hidden Element

mika kokhayu album cover

Deep emotional ambiant published as a love letter from this Ukrainian artist who normally used to be a huge master in drum&bass stuff.

Faded Atlas


faded atlas album cover

Another treasure of ambient idm downtempo from Keiss.

Last Laugh


last laugh album cover

Futuristic soundesign breaked stuff.

Children Of Trinoom

Otik (Edit)

children of trinoom album cover

What a wonderful cloudy edit from Otik over here.



ophanim album cover

Ike became one of my favourite artist since I discovered this. Very discrete artist, hard to find, his attention to details seems insane in my ears. I love his work so much. Index Records have some more from him.

Sing Together


sing together album cover

Very beautiful emotive gated vocal track from South Korea.

Sun Link


lone trax album cover

Wonderful release from J.Wiltshire. Peaceful & deep ambient techno idm.

Lone Trax Vol.2


lone trax album cover

Another good release from Ess Mattisson. Calm melodic acid tracks.


Four Tet

loved album cover

Never posted anything from Four Tet before and rarely a huge fan of his work, but I have to admit this downtempo track touched me a lot.



changes album cover

Wide range sounds on this release with some emotional braindance, happy track, stronger ones, but always in the specific Analogical Force area.


Fu Kaisha

boo album cover

Such a good vibe acid braindance. So much happy feelings.


Skee Mask

c album cover

Just in case some people still don't know this master. He release discrete album sometimes on bandcamp.



wh020 album cover

two different tracks from the good bot1500. Cool & classic soft idm.



enc044 album cover

Wet & Bubbly deep dubstep. Some very weird water textures and amazing sound design. Big fan of "IDGAF". It's like being traped into a waterslide going in every directions at the same time but underwater.



trifecta album cover

Big fan of "Rodex" track. Hard to describe, it's like a dub break journey with soft melodic pads and looped rap voices in the background.

Bip / Type of People


bip type of people album cover

Strong drum & bass from a master of this genre.



gneiss album cover

Deep atmospheric downtempo & dub techno.

2023 Extras

Part Timer

2023 extras album cover

Part Timer and his unique way of making life sounds easier.

Trickle Up

Palm Skin Productions

trickle up album cover

One of the most stupid acid vibe I heard with the track "Trickle Up" but damn I love that. You'll stupidly move your but on it for sure. Very funky release.



arc,regn album cover

Good vibes braindance, mostly happy, a bit nerdy and gameboy feelings. I love this. Some amazing track such as "Aalto", strong squarepusher vibes with "Flaw".

Half Speed


half speed album cover

Very good ambient release from Batu who is normally more into organic break stuff.



av1 album cover

Dub techno vibes but more breaked. Somehow minimal.


Pentagrams Of Discordia

deprogrammed album cover

Do not judge this album on his artwork, this is a very good downtempo melancolic release. If you like Boards Of Canada you will love this without any doubt.

Earth Related System

Seta Loto

earth related system album cover

Fast minimalistic drums into organic sound design. Deep bass. Tonal resonator. Bubbles. Dub delay. Laser snares.



sentinel album cover

Datassette is such a Master. Extremely deep electronic here. Organic slow bass release, microtonal sometimes, massive mixing work. I strongly love this release.



mensch album cover

Absolute masterpiece with the track "Mensch", the whole album is such a powerful experience in emotions and bass, sometime almost hyperpop synths, very large panel of sounds.

All Life Long

Kali Malone

all life long album cover

Well known Kali Malon come back with another slow chords acoustic organ album. It's sad, and always touch me a lot.

And A Bit Of Hope


and a bit of hope album cover

Cross genre between melodic downtempo, acoustic guitar/voice, lofi autotune, but full of feelings.

Meteorite 004

James Shinra

meteorite 004 album cover

As I previously said here, I will post every meteorite from James Shinra cause it's always so good. This one is 4 deep electronic soundscape, mostly calm & soft ambiences.

Halo Welt


halo welt album cover

Soft and cool braindance from Analogical Force. Classic drum machine and analog synth sounds.

Unreadon And Empty Space


unreason and empty space album cover

Juha is one of the emperor of emotional Glitch-core, which is a very specific music style that I'm very sensible to. This album is a true journey trough yourself.

Extra Failed Items


axtra failed item album cover

Glitchy emotional downtempo album. Lovely.



cruc album cover

Incredibly beautiful idm from an absolutely unknown guy from Lyon. This is the only release I found from Gr3le. Strongly recommend it.


11th Hour

enchantress album cover

Discovered on a soundsystem during a sunrise, 11th Hour is one of my favourite dubstep artist. Always amazed how he can make very minimalistic work sounds so strong.



archives001 album cover

Lovely drum work on this deep bass 2 track from DE-TÜ.

As The Crow Flies

Cocktail Party Effect

as the crow flies album cover

Always very unique distortion and stereo work with Cocktail Party Effect. Shifted beat and special texture. I love the first track which is an insanely strong introduction to this EP.

2k10 2k20


2k10 2k20 album cover

Deep emotions with this tape delayed ambient music. 19 absolutly beautiful calm tracks, very emotive & melancholic.

Panic Multiplier


panic multiplier album cover

The mysterious Client_03 once again drop some very strong energic braindance with unique flavour.

Loaded Gust


loaded gust album cover

Legendary 2step track. Groovy as hell.

Cross Talk

Aagentah & Fearful

crosstalk album cover

Extremely strong shifted bass music here.

The Adventures Of Helmut Muten

Interviews & FR Fels

the adventures of helmut muten album cover

Brokntoys give again some great melancolic & strong rythmic tracks here.

Pro At Ikea


pro at ikea album cover

I always keep an eye on Cloudcore cause sometimes they drop some dope shit like this atmospheric break track.

Meteorite 003

James Shinra

meteorite003 album cover

I will probably post every meteorite from James Shinra cause it's always very good braindance emotions.


Promising/ Youngster

bernesga album cover

Emotional idm as I always love, break beat with classic drum machines, deep atmospheres. Never disappointed with Promising/Youngster from Spain.


Von Ebner

endogenous album cover

"Concentric networks, cosmic gardens, self-sustaining systems, cryptids bathing in the acid glow of the parhelion. The connections are there for those who want to listen."

Gates Need Input Vol.II


gates need input album cover

Melodic electronica, synth escapades to curb the dystopia.

My Noise Is Nothing

Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton

my noise is nothing album cover

One of my favourite recent release. Absolultely beautiful emotional tracks with the perfect voices and poem from Ellen Renton. Huge fan of this.


Seba & Paradox

volt album cover

Another great deep & strong break release from Ilian Tape.

Positronics inc.


positronic inc album cover

Very cool melodic Braindance with oldschool vibes.


Piotr Kurek

smartwoods album cover

Electro-acoustic slow meditative ambiences.

Memory Index


memory index album cover

Minimal elctronic rythmic downtempo into peaceful soundscape.



aux4439-affluencer album cover

Classic lovely melodic IDM.

Facta Est Deserta


facta-est-deserta album cover

A really touching ambient vocal track.



escapism-seralp01 album cover

Wonderful piece of emotive IDM from Gonima released by the amazing Satellite Era Records.

6 AM

Limit Beau

6-am album cover

My great mate from the mountains just released this masterpiece and you should run to listen it.


Design Default

draconids album cover

Strong rhythmic track & Bass from Paris.

From Death To Passwords Where You're A Paper Aeroplane


from-death-to-passwords-where-youre-a-paper-aeroplane album cover

Lovely piece of downtempo.

Everything Slips


everything-slips album cover

Another masterpiece of glitchcore. The genre keep touching me a lot when, like here, it involve a lot of emotion. I know it's not for everyone, that's ok.

Meteorite 001

James Shinra

meteorite-001 album cover

Why not adding the first Meteorite release right after the second one ? If you liked one you'll like both.

Meteorite 002

James Shinra

meteorite-002 album cover

James Shinra is a master of good vibes and deep emotion in electronic music. This two track is the perfect exemple


Delay Grounds

genus album cover

Very bouncy release with modern textures always going up. Deep bass on fast glitch.

Messij (Remix)


messij-datassette-remix album cover

Amazing remix from Datassette sampling the boot-up Playstation2 sound which will trig a big nostalgia to all 90's kids.

Various Tracks

Yaw Evans

varioustracks album cover

Very good classic UK 2-step vibe.



conviction album cover

Wonderful ambient/ downtempo 3 track.

Granulate / Vector Space


granulate-vector-space album cover

Deep space for this two track EP. Fast rhythmic Bass music.

Riotous Rhythmatics


riotous-rhythmatics album cover

This is for sure the strongest album I've found this year. I mean really, do not click on it if you have sensible neighborhood or want to focus yourself on something. Be prepared to explode.


Ikawa & Kliptown

yukuwht002-subscriber-exclusive album cover

Big fan of Kliptown and how he always use sliced voices and distorded strong drums.


Marco Simioni

fomo album cover

Detroit Underground is a box full of treasure. They just added a new one. Big energy on this. Acid, glitchy, hardly distorded, fast, sometimes experimental.

Another World

Marcus JT

another-world album cover

Extremely worked rave texture with unconventional rave rythmics. Makes me want to feel this in a huge sound system. I'm happy to see that there is a lot of genre still to explore.



Idempotent album cover

A good track I've found on a Various compilation from Super Hexagon Record. Ambient violin and chords with short and glitchy fast drums.

ESG Tape 2

Eliott's Garden

esg-tape-2 album cover

Eliott's Garden used to be my roommate some years ago. A really funny human, a great painter and a good skater. By the way he do also cool music.



platforms album cover

Just a good Downtempo release from London.



mimoto album cover

Lazarus have his own way of texturize drums and displace everything into filters. This is really special, with atmospheric melodies on the back. Hard dance music, and sometimes really calm.



grow album cover

Incredible release from Congi. Big & jazzy Bass music, I'm blown by the track 'grow' which I can listen a whole day. Deep atmosphere.

Living Circle

Shida Shahabi

living-circle album cover

I'm just totally in love with what Shida Shahabi do, everytime. Best ambient of Stockholm for sure.

Far Gone / Dodgems

EI-B & Om Unit

far-gone-dodgems album cover

Very UK garage release.

Golden Peak To Prescott

Muted Diagram

golden-peak-to-prescott-ep-wddfm041 album cover

Stonner Dubstep which never let you move from your couch.

Lookbook 2021 - 2023

Christian Coiffure

lookbook-2021-2023 album cover

I think Christian Coiffure surprised everyone with this stunning release. Strong Electronic Bass and IDM music here

Violet Tracks


violet-tracks album cover

Two really lovely downtempo track from Japan.

Anatomy Of Infinity / Oriens

Offthesky / Soysea

anatomy-of-infinity-oriens album cover

Very instrumental ambient music. It flows between stressful sounds and peaceful ambiences.

Amnesia Dance

Nouveau Monica

amnesia-dance album cover

Once again, Nouveau Monica kick hard with this release. An Absolute beauty.



ambivalent-ep album cover

Be prepared for this masterpiece of breaked melodic ambient wonderful release from Rotterdam. Totally amazed by this.


Martha Skye Murphy

dogs album cover

Quiet singing, detuned piano, and small ambiences will met together for this single track.

End Of A Line Or Part Of A Circle?

Tristan Arp

end-of-a-line-or-part-of-a-circle album cover

Powerful Rythmic release from Mexico. A lot of drums and groove from the sun with deep bass.

It Was Always There 3


it-was-always-there-vol album cover

Really high variety of style inside a small Various compilation from 3024 Record.


Jasper Tygner

blush-ep album cover

UK break melodic wave Overmono-like here.



aux4438 album cover

Really really hard Aphex vibes here. Melodic and dark, dry and distorded, big ambiences, sliced, like the King Richard himself.

Eye Earth Continuum


eye-earth-continuum album cover

Discovered thanks to my friend Elohize, Sk'p is a long time master of downtempo melodic pieces. Sometimes he is a bit more IDM, but this release is close to Board Of Canada at some points.

8 Quadrants

Yosuke Tokunaga

8-quadrants album cover

Slowly delayed melodic soundscape from Japan


Tom VR & Louf

harmonix album cover

Really good piece of melodic electronic. Dreamy, Dancy.

Absolutely Forever


absolutely-forever album cover

An Ambient track I highly recommend, from my great friend Delawhere.

Dog Eared

Henry Greenleaf

dog-eared album cover

I'm completely obsessed with the track "Ithaca Vox" in this album which is the main reason I post this here. But the whole release is a wonderful EP. Really melodic, breaky.

Orch I & II


orch-i-ii album cover

Noisy distorded fast & strong electronic music. powerful two track here.



x album cover

Deep Drum&Bass. "X is an accomplished manifesto of re-imagined Jungle, a mastery of the form that has its sights set firmly on longevity."

For Spirits


for-spirits album cover

Batu have a really special style. I love how he is really searching unconventional textures and put them into catchy rythms. A great electronic exploration.

Boundary Test

Undulae & Morasso

boundary-test-ep-strx003 album cover

Excellent emotive IDM post-bass music from this duo.

Thick Air

Bend Back

thick-air album cover

A drummy journey with this Cloud Core release. A lot of acoustic drum sample processed with melodic synths & groovy bassline.

Minimal Stares

False Persona

minimal-stares album cover

Bass music from UK, strong energy.



grg album cover

Once again the secret king of Toulouse in France is pushing the limits of emotion into power of dance music. This is rough and soft at the same time. Excellent work.

Ingenieur Du Son


af049lp-ingenieur-du-son album cover

"From light and upbeat dancefloor tracks to experimental "idm" sounds, Voiron is for everyone ; Embark for Voironland."



cart1 album cover

Absolute treasure from the first to the last track. This album is excellent in his entire form. Classic electronic sound with personal textures, extremely groovy, melodic.

Mindframe: Cycles

François Dillinger

mindframe-cycles album cover

Already posted the "recoded album" version, but I had to post the original masterpiece.


Sister Zo

arcana album cover

Sister Zo, master of groove and minimal electronic bass, came back with this condensed of power lovely mastered.

Warp Fields

Packed Rich

itlp15-warp-fields album cover

Another great issue from the well known Ilian Tape record. As usual the same break vibes with something special added to it.

Vignetting The Compost


vignetting-the-compost album cover

Good old traditional vibes with classical guitar from UK. By the way great name and cover.



Évoque album cover

Various compilation of futuristic electronic music selected by the great Causal Chain label in Montreal.

Can't Stop


cant-stop album cover

Emotive UK 2step from Cloud Core again.



sore album cover

Powerful rave track. "Created in an emotional state of rage this track channels the feeling of helplessness, disbelief and consternation."


Dj Backspace

humanoid album cover

Various style & genre between each tracks, sometimes with atmospheric pads, sometimes with classic drum machine sounds, acid, calm etc. Great album.

Sky Echo


sky-echo album cover

Atmospheric texturized electronic release. Once again this label YUKU amazed me. This year 2023 is their one. Lovely.

Rt Hon

Proc Fiskal

rt-hon album cover

Lovely digital computing melodic album discovered thanks to my friend Ninh.



realization album cover

A beauty piece of downtempo and ambient from Chicago.

Max Says Relax Vol.1

Max Rad

max-says-relax-vol-1 album cover

A masterpiece of Ambient. I can't say anything else. I just love it a lot.

Be Nice 2 Crazy Frog

Dj Gossip

be-nice-2-crazy-frog album cover

Best remix of crazy frog I've found on web (after the avril 14 one of course...)



depths album cover

I liked this discrete digital glitchy electronica two track. Some great textures and vibes on it.

No Statement

Korin Complex

no-statement album cover

Strong dark Bass music & Dubstep.

Blue Planet


blue-planet-ep album cover

Dark acid shifty electronic music. Blue planet is strong.

Kliptown I


Kliptown album cover

4 similar tracks of pure bass clubbing energy that mas me instantly dance. I can't even know which of these four tracks I love the most.



Glim album cover

The great KMRU from Kenya once again came up with a unique ambient style. I will probably be touched by every of his music in the future. This is pure sensations.


Kero x Steph Copeland

syndrome album cover

A great crossgenre between the work of these two musicians. Mixing glitchy and rhythmic stuff with ambient melodies and voices. Including some great remixes.

Is The Future Now?

Alec Pace

is-this-future-now album cover

One amazingly industrial and powerful electronic track and 3 remix including a huge one by the great Stenny.

Clock Cycles

Test Bench

clock-cycles-ep-strx001 album cover

Extremely groovy minimal rhythmic tracks. UK bass influences, raving feelings.

Body Logic

Awe Kid

body-logic album cover

"Mixes up melodic nostalgia with forward-thinking sound design using whatever he can get his hands on, from analog and modular hardware, to samplers, field recordings..."

Blue Car

Joanne Robertson

blue-car album cover

10 years of archive from Joanne Robertson deep feeling singing and recording herself. It's acoustic guitar and voices. Really calm.

As Fallen Leaves

Serge Geyzel

as-fallen-leaves album cover

Wonderful melodic research on this release, both on textures and the melodic progression. A great journey trough acoustic drums and emotive compositions.



Renegate album cover

UK 2step & break/jungle with acid, digital voices, deep melodies & atmospheres.

Phases / Dream Vestibuli

Alexandre Navarro / Caya

phases-dream-vestibuli album cover

Beautiful ambient album with some really different tracks, acoustic sampled instruments, tape textures & more.



multiverse album cover

"This album is really a synthesis of the brutal and the beautiful. It's a sort of emulsion of the two in a way that seems almost impossible." My fascination for Glitchcore music is strong.

Slow Dance On Moss Beds

't Geruis

slow-dance-on-moss-beds album cover

A peaceful piece of ambient. Calm and beautiful.

Lil Spirits

Two Shell

lil-spirits-2 album cover

Soft melodic silly techno, digital romance, with huge pop vibes.

On Giacometti

Hania Rani

on-giacometti album cover

Last release from the great Polish pianist Hania Rani.

From Empire


from-empire album cover

Stunning deep bass music, Halftime Drum & Bass. 8 tracks of strong UK energy from Manchester.

Protect Me From What I Want

Shinra Knives

protect-me-from-what-i-want album cover

Hard sliced dance music, acid lines, fast rhythmics, extreme sound design. Again the great Yuku records push the electronic music border a bit further.



weightless album cover

Deep melodic Drum&Bass track. Again in a great Overmono or Bicep way from Cloud Core.

Floral Electronics


floral-electronics album cover

Cute small album from Japan. Chillout soundscape and gaming vibe.

Distant Arrays Volume 6


distant-arrays-volume-06 album cover

Small compilation from the great label Satellite Era. Not a big fan of the second track but I love the rest.

Leoni Leoni

Leoni Leoni

leoni-leoni album cover

Smooth vocals & soft music from Switzerland. Huge use of chorus & flanger. I don't know how to describe it.


Hypna & J-Shadow

a2i album cover

Hard breaked rythmics and strange atmospheric sounds.



bubblegum album cover

Get out of your confort zone now with Woulg. From Montréal, he produce a lovely computer glitchy stuff. This can be a lovely way to start accustom your brain to glitch music. I love the track "The Lurch".

Birth & Death Of The Dreadful Mule


birth-death-of-the-dreadful-mule album cover

Another wonderful piece of ambient from my great friend Gra8.

Loops For Cats


loops-for-cats album cover

This is not ambient, this is not classic electronic music, it's just a Catventure !



qkxe album cover

04 is one of the few alias of Numbers. She compose really great computer music. This one is a strong release of experimental bass music. Lovely drums sound research.



sndwrk-gh album cover

Strong Aphex & Squarpusher vibes from Ontario with this release. Glitchy computer music. Happy and melancholic.

Sonic Poetry Remixes


sonic-poetry-remixes-ep album cover

3 lovely remixes from Gimmik's album Sonic Poetry.



peel album cover

Lovely calm ambient from Kenya. KMRU will help you to cancel any stress and face life with confident and calm feelings. Pure emotion.


11th Hour

marauder-ep album cover

Huge slow bass music for big sound system. 11th Hour is a dubstep king from Brussels.

Alkaline Glades


alkaline-glades album cover

Kind breaky house melodic music with classic drum machine sounds.

Mysterious Trax 002


mysterious-trax-002 album cover

Commodo from Sheffield make a perfect crossgenre between Grunge and Bass music.

Blurring The Line


blurring-the-line album cover

Master of Drum&Bass from Manchester named Artilect released this powerfull dark 4 tracks.


Storms Seventy

zesez album cover

Emotional acoustic instruments and guitar processed with big reverb. Sad and solitude feelings.

Choral Feeling


choral-feeling album cover

Minimal electronic work, dry textures, short loop, melodic, great voice sampling. I really like the track "Sing It To Happen".



memoryland album cover

Free form of electronic music. Sometimes really chip 90's trance gaming sounds, mixed with jungle, house, many many different directions, always with emotion and a modern way of mixing and using effects.

Little Smoke

Kab Driver

little-smoke album cover

Classic IDM good vibes. Acid and happy.



mercenary album cover

Strong dark & hardly distorded electronic music.

Long Story Short

Ras Austin

long-story-short album cover

Classic Hip-Hop vibes that reminds me things like Cyne, Cunnylinguists, Atmosphere etc.

Soft Yes (Parallels Shiny Version)


soft-yes-parallels-shiny-version album cover

Uk 2step break melodic electronic music and sliced vocals. If you like Overmono, Bicep and things like this, You'll love that track.

No More Losses

Kaho Matsui

no-more-losses album cover

I love Kaho Matsui and I will probably post here every of her albums. This is acoustic recording processed in computers, ambient emotion.

The Odd Album


the-odd-album-2 album cover

Classic IDM sounds here, surrounded by happy feelings and fieldrecording. Sometimes really acoustic tracks, almost Jazz, and sometimes lovely IDM in a great early 2000's way.

Spirit Exit

Caterina Barbieri

spirit-exit album cover

Well known Italian composer last album Spirit Exit is a deep research in ambient with big analog saw wave, voice textures, harpsichord and melodic sequences.



b4-i-g-o album cover

Dark distorded rythmic inside deep ambient pads atmosphere.

A Root Of Sion


fendoap-a-root-of-sion album cover

A strange way to make soft computer music in a jazzy direction using Pure Data & MaxMSP. Great minimalistic electronic music programming.

2022 Extras

Part Timer

2022-extras album cover

I've already posted Part Timer here, not a big fan of the second track but the three others are pure emotion.



surreal album cover

Beautiful release from Japan, Bot1500 bring us to a soft and soothing world. You can listen that in a beginning of a long journey if you want to be sure to start well.


Pal Parallax

paramn-sie-2 album cover

Great cold rythmic work from Ratio/Club records.



arch album cover

90's synths and pad vibes well revisited for a mastering of today. A great smooth acid "recent old school" release !

Enroute 1

Derek Michael

enroute-1 album cover

"This album is refections I’ve had on the road, missed opportunities, wrong ways and off ramps that somehow have brought me a better understanding of things."

Please Keep Shimmering

Tom VR

please-keep-shimmering album cover

Another masterpiece from UK as always. The whole album is stunning. I can't even write a thing about it, just plug your headphones and go for it !

Our Intervals


our-intervals album cover

I can't tell how I feel great when I find such a good project as this one. I love everything. It's beautiful, warm, simple, but you can dance on it, travel with it, this is magic.

Lick Ur Tong

Internet Chameleon

lick-ur-tongue album cover

Wonderful downtempo track from Romanian artist Internet Chameleon. A lot of old school vibes.

Low Priority


low-priority-ep album cover

Psychedelic voyage into experimental post-dubstep music. "With 'Core', you board an ark of dread across a turbulent sea of sub frequencies that rock the ship."

More Good Than Bad


more-good-than-bad-ep album cover

A strange experience and a sonic trip with this EP. Strong research of deep bass and calm pad, digital voices, unexpected rythms and beauty melodies.

You Always Will Be

Dylan Henner

you-always-will-be album cover

Great calm ambient release from UK. A touching whole story of life between these titles.



gloom album cover

Polish artist Satl make the perfect mix between Drum&bass and Ambient, but it's not only that. Many tracks are really different, from 2step, break, to techno, to slow groovy hip-hop. It's a true journey.


Niu Arx

worldendseqvip album cover

An extremely beautiful piece of glitched ambient. A single track from a strange unkown artist.

Zero Point

Rob Clouth

zero-point album cover

If Nils Frahm was making IDM I presume it will be close to this stunning release. It's soft melodic work into soft rythmic but absolutely well texturized, with a lot of groove, big bass, deep emotions and ambiences.

Honest Labour

Space Africa

honest-labour album cover

Great release that will bring you into a lot of different situation in a really original way of making ambient music, mixing it with voices, reversed rythms, field recording hip-hop influences etc.

Late Hours

Out Of The Blue

late-hours album cover

"A smooth combination of ambient, IDM and danceable tunes."



Lodimulgeon album cover

Wonderful track from one of my favourite French artist.

In Love! (bouquet for heather)

Kaho Matsui

in-love-bouquet-for-heather album cover

Kind & cute ambient IDM release from Portland. Makes me want to spend more time with friends doing nothing special.

Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois

Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois

venetian-snares-x-daniel-lanois album cover

This release is the perfect cross between ambient looped electro-acoustic instrument with calm melodies From Daniel Lanois and fast glitched textures and electronic strong machine from the king Venetian Snares.

Way Back When


way-back-when album cover

"This EP has taken a softer more emotive tone but still has the application to be played out in a club setting. Way Back When is mood driven and sample based, twisting genres from Downtempo & Lofi House to breaks.."

I Own Your Energy


i-own-your-energy album cover

Experimental drum sounds with non-conventional rythmic stuff in electronic music. I see this release as a research of percussive noises.

Face To Phase


face-to-phase album cover

rRoxymore released this album in 2019, French born Berlin based producer, she made this album during a winter hibernation creative practice as I do myself every winter.

Acid Settee


acid-settee album cover

Four track of hardly sliced breaked drums in a strong energy, with acid vibes. I really like "Spud Dog Jog".

Medal Headz [G.B.D.F]


medal-headz-g-b-d-f-ep album cover

Another great release from Brainwaltzera, I really love the track G.B.D.F Separated and the way it split in stereo a full dry signal.


Sam Link

hesitate album cover

Melodic drummy album from the great YUKU records. Old school vibes, not pretentious, amen break, dubby bass.

Maximum Dub / Sunshine Dub


maximum-dub-sunshine-dub-bd01 album cover

Really funny release of 3 times the same tracks with different variation for every moment of your life, sunshine, aftersun (my favourite one) and Maximum !



play-ep album cover

Roughquest seems to go deep on his quest to produce this kind of big dub and rythms.

About // Blank

Persian Empire

about-blank-ep album cover

Impossible to describe this, it's polyrythmical jazz funk with strange processed voices, sliced a lot, in a good funk vibe. This is really original.



rescript album cover

I want to rave on the track "Regurge" with a decent sound system as soon as possible. This is totally insane. Pure condensed of energy. Big thanks to R325 for this recommendation.


Hidden Elements

ranges album cover

Big support to Hidden Element from Kyiv in Ukraine with this amazing release. Run to it, buy it, help the reconstruction of Ukraine by buying this stunning release.

Touch & Fuse

Christian Kleine

touch-fuse album cover

"Arguably Christian Kleine’s most comprehensive and colorful release to capture his enigmatic IDM style". If you like Board Of Canada you'll probably love this.

Grey Skies


grey-skies album cover

"Gives the feeling of the late stages on a Sunday evening, trying your hardest to keep going, whilst your body has other ideas."

Yuzu's Dream

Pyramid Of Knowledge

yuzus-dream-dt009 album cover

Funny name isn't it ? Great release from Seoul. "Four epic space jams to play as your attack ship goes down in flames off the shoulder of Orion."



audiophile-ep album cover

Strong dubstep 2step slow Bass release from E S P. You like UK sound system you like this.

Bein W Ma Bein

Big Murk & Rknddn

big-murk-rknddn-bein-w-ma-bein-toumba-vip album cover

Let's go in Jordan for this enormous banger in a huge UK Bass vibes.


Trois-Quarts Taxi System

trois-quarts-taxi-system-turm album cover

Here Trois-Quarts Taxi System introduce a strong dose of power into hard rythmic sounds, a lot of bass, anxious atmosphere, deep clubbing and classic amen break. This is huge sound design.


Morgan Geist

duper album cover

Really happy classic acid release with 303 solo for your best days. For true fun only. With a little dose of Funk !

Iridescence Of Clouds


iridescence-of-clouds album cover

Hard to color it Yellow, this special release is a very unique style of ambient. It's a hard breaked ambient album ! Many tracks contains sliced breakbeat and drums, but far in the background.

L'existence Du Rêve

Giraffi Dog

giraffi-dog-lexistence-du-r-ve album cover

Dreamy pads, Housy chords, Classic drum machines, Clean release. Really Happy feelings listening to this. It will push you in a good mood for the day !

Process Fatigue

Ikävä Pii

process-fatigue album cover

Spaced drums, precise details, huge bass, bouncy sample, using of sampled voices, deep atmosphere, fast release, microtuning, good one from Italy.

News From The Past


news-from-the-past album cover

Last release from the great Gimmik. Melodic braindance.

Building Something Beautiful For Me

Loraine James

building-something-beautiful-for-me album cover

Hard to classify this album from London by Loraine James. Most of these track are ambient but some of them contains rythmic research, voices etc.

Touched Music

Project OO

project-oo album cover

A compilation of 56 artists including some big names, made to help the extremely expensive medical assistance Oona, a 7yo girl, need to live a happy life with his dad Chris.



adykt album cover

Another great compilation of 23 really great artists from Dyadik. Many different things.

Baile Bias


baile bias album cover

UK Rave break bass track for clubbing. Buying this track will help Ukraine.

Whities 024


whities-024 album cover

Rediscovered recently this stunning repetitive percussive break EP from Anunaku in Whities. Exploring this label is always a joy.



masami-ep album cover

Another great Bass music release from Scuffed Recordings over there. Post dubstep UK bass slow groove.

Living Torch

Kali Malone

living-torch album cover

I've spend hours watching the snow falling trough the window listening Kali Malone alone in the woods. I love her work. True Ambient Master. Phasing organs, long chords. Very minimalist.

Farewell 24


farewell-24 album cover

Great release from Or:la back in 2017. She is a great and discrete producer in Northern Ireland.

Promo Disc 1


promo-disc-1 album cover

Great small compilation from German label Index Records with four different kind of artists.

Music For April, 2008


music-for-april-2008 album cover

Calm ambient music, delayed piano, loscil-like ambient loop, processed acoustic recording.



rcvr-xmtr album cover

Dark, cold, breaked electronic music from Manchester.

Universal Mind Chaos

Nouveau Monica

nouveau-monica-universal-mind-chaos album cover

After his title "Be Quiet" that touched me a lot, he release this EP containing the track "Universal Mind Chaos" and again he just dropped a masterpiece. I love this first track.

Come Around

Carla Dal Forno

come-around-2 album cover

Slow old pop rock'n roll good psychic vibes with classic drum machine rythms.


Hex Tulpa

63bit album cover

Fun old school way of making classic electronic music in 2022. Acid patterns with sometimes hard processed sampling in a glitchy way. Even cheesy pad sounds working well with the entire release.

Love Kamikaze

Serge Geyzel

love-kamikaze album cover

Beautiful melodic release from Berlin. Emotive electronic tracks. Not a big fan of the track "From Here" but I love the rest of this release.

Beyond Contact

Vivian Koch

beyond-contact album cover

Vivian Koch from Berlin released this beauty in 2021. Lovely atmospheres, strong percussions in ambient synths, big reverb.



surrounded album cover

Strong D&B / Dubstep release from Porto. Big Rave with minimal noise into classic breaked rythms and deep bass.



hello album cover

The well known master µ-Ziq released this new album in his special classic style from UK. If you know him, liked his old works, you'll love this one.

Minimal Works 6

Nocturnal Emissions

minimal-works-6 album cover

Touching acoustic recording digitally processed. Simple release, far away from pretentious music, minimal sounds but it works on me.

Access Denied


access-denied album cover

If you click on music only when you like the artwork, stop doing it ! This release is the perfect exemple of one of the worst artwork I've seen but a stunning and wonderful release.


Sohn Jamal

3 album cover

Unpredictable 3 tracks released on Schematic Music Company. Strange, glitchy, dubby, cold, funny.

Shaped To Make Your Life Easier

Gary Moscheles

shaped-to-make-your-life-easier album cover

Really incomprehensible and strange release from 1996. It's like a joke of classic jazz sample shaped into groovy happy feelings but during the whole album I can't tell if it's serious or not.

Sacro / Momus


sacro-momus-feat-cicada-ensemble-remix album cover

Full of feelings, melancholic & rythmic release, beautiful use of classic synthesizers sounds, unpredictable break with field recording and parasite sounds.


Hassan Abou Alam

ice album cover

Egyptian wizard Hassan Abou Alam release this 4 track EP with the masterpiece "Shmoolaire".

Hed Unreleased Tracks


hed-unreleased-tracks-2 album cover

Some unreleased tracks from the album Happy Earth Day. Beautiful ambiances and deep emotions from Iceland.



bones album cover

Datach'i is well known as a master of modular synths. His releases are rare, but every of his album is timeless. He work really well complex textures & drums and synthesizers melodic stuff.

The Body Is A Prison

Amaranth Todd

the-body-is-a-prison album cover

Ambient acoustic piano and beauty recorded sounds processed with extremely glitched percussive sounds and textures.



itsame album cover

Aphex Twin posted a comment on soundcloud with his side account User18081971, and this is how the world discovered Brainwaltzera.

Wrong Dimension

Xen Chron

wrong-dimension album cover

Well sliced FM distorded bass into breakbeat inside anxious atmosphere. Energic beats !

Only Spirit

Yaw Evans

only-spirit album cover

Happy calm electric piano into UK garage groove. Huge 90's vibes on this track. Peaceful.

Hors Piste


alder-hors-piste album cover

Easy acid EP from the great french label Human Decease Network. Old school style acid with happiness melodies.

Voiron Tue Mouche


voiron-tue-mouche album cover

Extract from a big compilation, Voiron made this master acid break track with a funny sample of a french guy who eat poisonous mushrooms.

Into Your Mind


into-your-mind-ep album cover

Hard to use classical break beat samples without being a cliché, Giordano do it pretty well with big synth textures and raw kicks. Warm percussive groove and slow deep melody.


Paolo Bellipani

persona album cover

Acoustic recording processed to emotional ambient electronic music from Italy. Calm and contemplative release.

Platinum Scatter

Current Value

platinum-scatter album cover

Dark & hard rythmic bass music. Atonal melodies, microtuning, deep clubbing, very digital. If you want to get motivate before going out for a party, click on it.

Keep Infinity Going


keep-infinity-going album cover

This is the best ambient album of 2022. The last track "Lifespan Of Reality" became one of my favorite ambient track now.

Black Ben Carson


black-ben-carson album cover

Adventurous hip hop electronic album, not so far from greatest Death Grips releases.

Mixture Of Phases

Caramel Chameleon

mixture-of-phases-ep album cover

Italian producer Caramel Chameleon released this super positive old school acid techno EP. It's just good vibes with classic old sounds.

Beta Cut

Yalk DX

beta-cut album cover

Wavy blip blop with wavy textures inside wavy rythms. I can easily say it's super wavy !

Limbo / Stitches

Grey Code

limbo-stitches album cover

Fast hard Drum & Bass from Grey Code. Two title for hardcore raving with space for melodic emotion.

Renormalization Support Group

Nikki Nair

renormalization-support-group album cover

Super productive Nikky Nair from Atlanta has just released his sixth EP this year. It's funny small breaked beats, minimalistic dancing tracks.


Opacity Break

nad album cover

Strange release with really cold & windy techno track and others more melodic & ambient, always with that play of filtered noise. Some tracks are really beautiful.

Wipe Out / Permission


wipe-out-permission album cover

A new super violent two track EP from the master Stenny in the stupendous label Ilian Tapes.



microsleep album cover

Let's go back in 2014 to discover Jemapur and this album Microsleep released on the awesome label Detroit Underground. Computer music as I love.



clppng album cover

I like Clipping. for the sound research into classic US rap style, rhythmic decomposition and creative stuff which makes this hip hop an adventure.

Knok / Violet


knok-violet album cover

Since Huna released "U Too" on Cloud Core, I became a real anthousiast of his work. This double single is just lovely.

Struggles In Conjuring


struggles-in-conjuring-ep album cover

Beauty introspective melodic drum & bass / break stuff from Unperson.

Trans Neptunian Objects


trans-neptunian-objects album cover

Classic style acid breakbeat techno.

Tower Of Silence

Roberto Musci

tower-of-silence album cover

Well known ambient album from Italian artist Roberto Musci. This is recording from 1974 to 1985 between India Asia and Africa.

Turtle Wav Blast Monkiii


turtle-wav-blast-monkiii album cover

Hyper stupid hip hop beat that makes me smile in the morning. Perfect for life relativising.



Ixsh album cover

"tinny nostalgia of old stereophonic recordings with modern production and transient downbeats." Hard to classify but really original.



atonement album cover

I've missed this track from Ilian Tape by Sciarhi, back in 2016. Stunning ambient atmosphere with techno vibes. It's like progressing waves.

Diamond Eater


diamond-eater album cover

4 track of digital glitch & emotion research. Truly interesting sound design with technical reverb, space manipulation, formant filters, sampled voices, field recording & more.

U Too


u-too album cover

Another masterpiece from the strange label Cloud Core. This one is made by Huna, a stunning melodic piece of break music. Run to it, it's huge.

Blozxom Music Session

Xen Model

Xen Model Live

59min of good energy researching electronic music and live resampling drums.

After All


after-all album cover

I've met Delawhere in 2016, he is an amazing self-taught piano player and need years to compose an album but this track is announcing his upcoming album "Keep Infinity Going" !


Nouveau Monica

nouveau-monica-bbb-lp album cover

The song called "Be Quiet" is one of the best track I've heard this year. I deeply love this alive synths chords and melodies and the whole vibe of this sound.

No Era Sólida

Lucrecia Dalt

no-era-s-lida cover

Lucrecia Dalt is a colombian musician who brings me up in her world in 2014 when she released on Other People the track called "Esotro". Since these days, I'm a bit fascinated by her experimental work.

Twice The Life

Midnight Funk Association

twice the life album cover

A truly unknown Hip-hop banger. It's so repetitive but the groove just keeps me moving the head the whole song. I love that old school vibe from 1995.

Distant Arrays Volume 5


distant-arrays-volume-05 album cover

This is not for everyone, extremely experimental in glitch genre, but this is probably the best explanations on why I love the power of digital.

Freq 255


freq-255 album cover

A lovely ambient IDM album from Onsy. I hesitate to color it yellow but some tracks are too rhythmic to let sleepy people click on it.

Swollen Larynx Of Highway From Window

Prayer Circles

prayer circles album cover

This is the most touching and creative live I've heard on modular synths. They were promising a whole album in 2016 but nothing other than this beautiful live finally came out. I believe that they were lovers and broke up.

For Want Of Gelt

Minor Science

for-want-of-gelt album cover

Extract from the album Second Language. Fast bass arpegiator with changing textures and cheesy pad, short delays and whole sample pack played dry and fast. The artwork is a real stone tablet engraved by hand.

New Ancient Strings

Toumani Diabaté & Ballake Sissoko

new ancient strings album cover

Toumani Diabaté & Ballake Sissoko are two of the most popular kora player in Africa. This is a lovely piece of acoustic music.

Keen Demag


keen-demag album cover

Zuli from Egypt made this really interesting track. Sometimes not the whole album touches me so I prefer to share the track I love. And for this album called "All Caps" I loved this one.

Osseous Labyrinth

Vina Konda

osseous-labyrinth album cover

Another release of Comic Sans Records in their own futuristic digital way. If you already listenend what I've posted here from this label and liked it, you'll like this one. Artists from this label are sounds wanderers.



inta album cover

A peaceful release by Aloka, again in the great Typeless records. This is perfect if you want to walk in a cloudy coast along the sea and think about life with the first and last track. But also perfect to dance with the two other tracks.

Menschen Und Mauern


menschen-und-mauern album cover

Extract from the album Oderbuch, a soft break melodic track released in 2019. Calm and pleasant.

What's Tonight To Eternity

Cindy Lee

whats-tonight-to-eternity album cover

Sounds like old rock pop band back in time, with deep feelings and melancholic atmosphere. A lot of psychedelic noise with all of that.

Dark Falcon

Lucky Dragons

dark-falcon cover

Some field recording and various acoustic records mixed in a stutter ambient digital music way, it's beautiful and surrounded by feelings and emotions.Released in 2002 from Los Angeles.



burna album cover

London juke bassmusic by Deft, 3 track for raving in UK. A special love for the last one "Koover in '92".

A Midsummer Nice Dream


a-midsummer-nice-dream album cover

Back in 2004 in Netherlands, Ochre was making this beauty album of melodic IDM. Almost 20 years later, I'm glad I found it thanks to my friends Elohize who always recommend me lovely artists.

Fragmented Environments


fragmented-environments album cover

Some gentle melodies glitched into computer rythms. Calm fragmented synthetic music from Montreal.

Sick Fing


sick-fing album cover

Ambient melodic dubstep garage track by Stillhead.

The Nothing Of The North


the-nothings-of-the-north album cover

Another piece from the master Ametsub back in 2009. One of my favourite album from him. Calm glitched piano with small computer percussive noise, ambient emotive downtempo from Japan.

Charlbury Gardens


charlbury-gardens album cover

Old School Acid Saw wave chords breakbeat from 2008. A great album in an old Squarepusher vibe.

Summoning Salt


summoning-salt album cover

Clubbing break electronic, sometimes melodic, sometimes cold, even dubby, but always hardly. A beauty release for dancing together.

Dream Of Me

Kaho Matsui

dream-of-me album cover

Here Kaho Matsui produced a lovely ambient album. She is from Portland and describe her work as "Computer and recording works for girls".

Nuit Tranquille


nuit-tranquille album cover

I discovered her thanks to Underscope, and I love this vibe. Islyz will broke everything in the future for sure.

Autonomous Correction


autonomous-correction album cover

Some old-fashion electronic sounds mixed with research from today. Powerfull dance music with a melodic track in the middle.

Marmalade Mountain Dreams

Marmalade Mountain

marmalade-mountain-dreams album cover

Voices & guitar badly recorder with deep feelings. A soft release that help to live, in the same way as Daniel Johnston.

Dat Dat Dat


dat-dat-dat album cover

Serious Dubstep UK garage here. When repetition have a groove, when your sub is on, you bang.


Kangding Ray

ultrachroma album cover

Beautiful melodic techno, sometimes breaked. Lovely.



Initial album cover

Stunning album by BBB. Deep melodies and hard-worked rythmic sounds. Discovered thanks to kockaaa, thank you. Never hesitate to suggest me some sounds !



AE-O4 album cover

Braindance two track from Stazma. The second one is a masterpiece.

Over The Rainbow


over-the-rainbow album cover

Calm ambient album.

Exit Planet Earth : Hydrogen


exit-planet-earth-hydrogen album cover

Small EP with different artists. I like a lot the last track Launch by James Shinra.

Live In Studio Wassertor

Serge Geyzel & Karsten Pflum

live in studio wassertor youtube screenshot

46 minutes of pure joy watching two friends making this energic electronic music on their studio.

Live From The Room


Wu-Lu live

A lovely psy-rock-rap live from Miles Romans-Hopcraft as Wu-Lu.

'Mindframe: Cycles' [Recoded]

François Dillinger

mindframe-cycles-recoded album cover

A concept from the mind of François Dillinger, launched with the album 'Mindframe: Cycles’. It's coded by different hackers from the compilation.



chokkor album cover

Apparently good break vibes with powerful mixes is not something only reserved to UK. Enayet is from Dhaka, Bengladesh, and released this brilliant EP in 2021

Doc's Quadraphonic Growth Inducer

Oakside Boys Club

oakside boys club album cover

This is one of the happiest basement live I've seen so far. Makes me want to party with friends in an afternoon winter. Found on Ballacid likes on youtube !

Do U Feel Free ?


do-u-feel-free album cover

Cloud Core is a strange label editing solo track in free download from a lot of totally unkown artists. This one is sad & dark melodies with texturised percussions. A lovely one.



oko album cover

Laced dropped this in may 2022, including an incredible remix of Xen Model. A beautiful EP that can be sometimes downtempo with calm melodies.

Ten Effective Ways To Achieve Immortality

Low Khey

ten-effective-ways-to-achieve-immortality album cover

To me Comic Sans Record is the most interesting French label to listen in 2022. So much texturised, so researched, it makes me love this incoming decade. With, as always, a powerfull mastering from Lorenzo Targhetta.



What? album cover

Imogen made this EP that can remind me a bit Atari Teenage Riot with this intro track. She apparently used a lot her 808 connected to their modular system to produce a hardcore release as this one.

General Maintenance

Ben Pest

ben-pest-general-maintenance-ep album cover

Enormous acid & 808 beat for hard clubbing. Do not click on this if your not prepared to bang your head up !


Om Unit

flux-ep album cover

There is this guy in Bristol, called Om Unit. He made this EP of beautiful pads + break beat drums so well mixed. With a lot of dub influences. Makes me want to go to Bristol.



caustic-ep album cover

An unknown young boy from London seems to like making this downtempo electronic music in his bedroom and play at little apartment gig for his friends.



frontera album cover

Fast sliced beat on strange pads, huge groove, cold glitchy stuff, I love it.

hArm0nii tanD3m


harm0nii-tand3m album cover

This one is an exemple of what I love in glitch music, which put you out of your comfort zone and pick your curiosity. This is not for everyone.



sugar-ep album cover

I love this release. Melodic break with feelings.



Dullcore album cover

Askaira is hard to find. She produce dark electronic slow music with glitch and her processed voice.


Xen Model

quark album cover

Fast computer music, can remind me firsts release of Autechre. It's smooth and hard at the same time, you can dance and sleep.

Sin Cara, Sin Nombre


sin-cara-sin-nombre cover

WTF??? Imagine a cumbia master making out with his computer on reddit at midnight a sunday.


Two Shell

icons album cover

Melodic computer music from London. A right balance between pop voices and melodies, clubbing, research textures, and UK vibes.


Shida Shahabi

alvaret album cover

Shida Shahabi like to play piano the most quitely possible. She transmit feelings like no one else.

No [Hu]Man's Land


no human's land album cover

2022 release of Skryptom records, a French label.

Qu 1


qu1 album cover

User18081971 is a soundcloud account of Aphex Twin. He still continue to upload things. This one was during the UK lockdown in 2020, it's a track he made for his dad when he passed away. A peaceful work.

Freak Shift

Sister Zo

freak-shift album cover

Sister Zo from New York. Her second EP this year. Stunning bass slow break with huge groove.


Promising/ Youngster

ae-o3 album cover

Beautiful melodies & well textured release. A small EP of two great track.

Peter, Barbara, Beth & Friends

Blomfelt & Narby

peter-barbara-beth-friends album cover

London duo doing calm melodies in a perfect UK way. Sometimes remember me Mount Kimbie's electronica first albums.

Back To Basics


back to basics album cover

Computer glitch music with calm melodies from 2003. Everything I love.

Ridge Racer Type 4

PS1 soundtrack

ridge racer type 4 album cover

A Playstation game from my childhood. I've spends days playing this game, and it probably shaped my music taste. Sounds cheesy but it's a lot of memories for me.

Brainlores Vol.1

Woodpecking Mantis

brainlores vol.1 album cover

This is some fresh squarepusher vibes made with digital software like MaxMSP. It's really glitchy with digital freezeing everywhere and may cause brain damage for too calm people.



eobseubnida album cover

Masterpiece from Xl.iks. Comic Sans Records again spotted the right artist. This one really blown me up. Freed from standard rhythmics, sometimes even arhythmic, kicked digital voices, powerful mix & mastering.



mouvements album cover

R325 is a secret guy from Toulouse who live in a garage, sleep in a camp-bed and pass the rest of the time producing this crazy break electronic dark melancholic idm and filling books with brutal textures of paint.



mindmelt album cover

Auvrel is one of the few names of Ess Mattisson. If you ever ask who made the Elektron Digitone, that's him. He is also behind, some amazing Max for Live devices.



Automnmonia album cover

A great underrated ambient idm downtempo album from 2000.

Cyberbass Transmission


cyberbass cyberbass-transmission album cover

Stunning ambient dub break bass album by Netsh. Short delayed percussion that I love. Big beautifull pad into rough drums. I love this release.

Linear Cryptics


soundcheck album cover

Ametsub is a master of digital glitching and clicky percussions with breaked acoustic piano and slow melodies. He is a precursor of laptop music since 2000's.



word album cover

I listen Atmosphere since my teenage and they never stop to produce true classic Hip-hop albums. This is one released in 2021.

Happy Soup

Baxter Dury

happy soup album cover

Big fan of Baxter Dury. A silly easy rock'n roll with a very english accent. Makes you feel happy.



soundcheck album cover

Another unknown master of Pure Data. This community is really underrated. Composing in puredata is litterally creating your own software, instruments, sequencer and effects, and then compose.

Burient EP

Roel Funcken

burient-ep album cover

Roel Funcken is a super-productive IDM composer. His bandcamp is surrounded by dozens of amazing albums. It's a golden mine and you should run to it and pass the next two days with headphones.

En Mer

Guillaume Pelletier-Auger

en mer album cover

I've found this great ambient live coding when I was looking for some generative stuff made on touch designer.

Balinese Cassette Tape Found In Jakarta


swampy album cover

Swampy, a travelers who made great videos, found this tape. Anyone know who is but I love it. It's a Balinese happy song with a high voice singing.

Maisie By The Sea


maisie-by-the-sea album cover

A great glitchy album by Walton.

Penelope Three

Penelope Trappes

penelope three album cover

Great ambient downtempo with big reverb everywhere and groovy warm voices.

Portrait With Firewood


portrait with firewood album cover

Great break bass album with many genre mixed, with acoustic piano and ambient, fat FM sequences for clubbing & more.

Online Dating


online dating album cover

Trypheme is a French really talented artists. She contribute to make the French electronic music better. I love how she is creating with her voice and use granular synthesis.


Beatrice Dillon

workaround album cover

I think I don't really understand this music. But this is what I like. It's constant bouncing short notes into short delay that creates resonators. I don't know.

Music For Psychedelic Therapy

Jon Hopkins

music for psychedelic therapy album cover

A peaceful ambient album that I listened a lot in my cabin. If you want to feel okay with life, safe, and calm, you should try this with a great soundsystem.



spiro album cover

Gayphextwin make assumed easy house that helps in bad days to relativize. She like saw-wave synth, housy chords and beat made with classic drum machine sounds.

L'Ombre Sur La Mesure

La Rumeur

l'ombre sur la mesure album cover

A classic French rap album that I was listening a lot in my college years. Made more than 20 years ago but still so good.



sktch album cover

Another great artist from Ilian tape. In their well known own ambient break way.

Whities 011

Lanark Artefax

whities 011 album cover

A young boy from UK exagerating digital delay and fake voices on a beautiful melodic way. Rough percussive drums & gated delay time. I love it.



upsurge album cover

One of the great issue from Ilian Tape, Stenny made one of my favourite track on this album. I love when musicians are able to make Ambient and calm melodies inside fast breaked drums.

One Day At Home


one day at home album cover

This album is one of the reason I became musician. Saycet release it in 2006, I was a teenager, I order this album for my birthday after heard it on a summer camp.

Love What Survives

Mount Kimbie

love what survives album cover

A well known electronic music band that produced Rock'n roll with great people like Micachu, James Blake, King Krule & other.

Just Another Diamond Day

Vashti Bunyan

just another diamond day album cover

It's like your mother singing you some songs to keep you asleep when you are 4 years old.


Alessandro Cortini

avanti album cover

Alessandro Cortini is a part of Nine Inch Nails. He use rare synthesizers to produce an ambient music in a beauty way. Alessandro is really productive, and you can talk to him on Reddit !

Side Track My Engine

Nora Brown

sidetrack my engine album cover

A 16yo amercian girl who is passionate by traditional old hobo songs and country. She is an amazing banjo player and she don't let this century block her way to traditional music.

Acheiropoietic Ansätze


Acheiropoietic Ansätze album cover

Acreil is the king of PureData. He is inventing complex effects like deep frequency domain filters. Composing almost everytime in atonal and microtuning. This album is a masterpiece.

They Can't Be Saved

The Fear Ratio

they can't be saved album cover

Two guys from London are twisting IDM, UK bass, and a huge Hip-hop influence to a powerfull sonic experience.

It Should Be Us

Andy Stott

it shloud be us album cover

This is anxious textures that fascinates me. We never now where it goes with Andy Stott. I'm pretty sure he sampled wipers as a main base for certain rhythms.

My Bus Forgot Me


my bus forgot me album cover

In 2016 we was livin in an old tugboat in London, and Gra8 lost a bet. I said If you lose, you have to produce an album before you turn 25. Then he lost the bet. This is the album.


Floating Point

crush album cover

This is a great balance between soft melodies and rasping drums. Between round warm sounds with low attack and enormous break groove. Sam made a perfect breathe by creating this with some raw analog signal.

Happy Earth Day


happy earth day album cover

Bjarki is one of those artist who sudainly make a turn and choose music rather than success. He was an actor of industrial rough techno, and then he just dropped this masterpiece of research and freedom.


Holly Herndon

platform album cover

Holly Herndon is also one of the Artists that push me to learn and use MaxMSP. She is brilliant at any point.

Circular Forms

Abul Mogard

Abul Mogard album cover

Abul Mogard made this album and it's one of the saddest and beautiest ambient album I heard.

Mia Gargaret

Gia Margaret

Mia Gargaret album cover

She explain me that she made it because she broke her voice and wasn't able to sing or even speak loud during a whole year. So she find another way to speak out.

Shifting Sands

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

shifting sands cover

Discovered with the sounds "I won't hurt you" in the animated movie called "Isle of dogs". I fell in love with this old psychedelic rock'n roll.

The Loneliest Punk


Fatlip cover

I discovered Fatlip as a kid in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater America Wasteland ! I love this dude. Big energy.

Don't Be Scared

Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston cover

I love you Daniel. I miss you.

Piano Nights

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

piano nights album cover

What if an old band of metal was also some awesome instrumentists, and then decide to try making extremly slowed Jazz ? This is what they do. And it result an album for a cold winter around a fire.

Feed Me Weird Things


squarepusher album cover

Squarepusher is one of my dads. When I was living in Plogoff I was listening in loop "Goodnight Jade". This album is an old classic from a master of our generation.