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Probee is a random generator triggered by MIDI notes. Everytime a note is played either via the computer keyboard, a MIDI clip in Live or an external keyboard, Probee will create 6 different random values.


Probee also has the following special features:
- Values can be triggered by tempo with time division,

- All 6 values can be identical

- Select if the random values are triggered when the note is pressed or released

- Add probability and smoothing between each value


In the Master / Link section you can link every Probee in a Live session. For example, you can have 50 instance of Probee everywhere in your track, but all of them triggered by one kick.


Probee is CPU-friendly and very usefull for creating complex and textured compositions.

LFO Random

Capture d’écran 2022-11-21 à 15.36.51.png

LFO Random is a random LFO

It's the exact same Ableton Built-in LFO but focused on random with 6 different random waveforms which you can see in the picture above.


Potee is a simple Knob. You turn it and it creates notes. Choose a scale and Potee will trigger notes only within that scale. Click on Random and it become autonomous. You can still adjust certain paramaters such as range, velocity, probability,

and the poly or mono mode.


Premo saves and instantly recalls the presets of an instrument or effect when a defined note is played.

Premo can also control 4 effects sends.


In this demo, Premo is controlling Operator on a single track in Live. Every percussion hit, bass, and any other sounds you hear is coming from Operator in real time. The live set also contains 4 return tracks (sends) controlled by Premo. Three of them are different instances of Reverb, and one is an Echo.


Premo allows you to make a full drum kit on a single synth engine, but not only that. You can even assign a specific sound to every octave of your keyboard or map each preset with your MIDI controller to recall them manually.


I've personally always dreamed about making a full composition on a single track in only one instrument in Live,

and now it’s possible.


Friend is a synthesizer and a generative composer at the same time.


Based on probability, events are existing from time division and a chance algorithm in % of being triggered. It's all random trigger by probability, and your mouse and brain cooking the rest.
Two synth engine with sequencer, one bass with filter envelope, a drum synthesizer with four sounds, an FM percussive glithy thing, a beautiful stereo plate reverb, a mixer for all of this engines, a X&Y pad act like a monotron, and a randomizer. Some dot are always moving and they are chords.


I've created Friend in order to let the audience create and interact with me on stage. I connected this software to a projector, plugged a bluetooth mouse to my computer, and give it to the listeners after a quick demo of how things work. Then I took my piano and improvised on the evolution of this composition controlled by people.

After the gig I decided to push further that idea and develop the project for non-musician, like a video game, but with the ability to read a help menu and understand basic things in sound synthesis.


It's now a software available for MacOSX but also as a Max Patcher and as a Max for Live device.
These three format are here in free download :


Brums is an advanced drum synthesizer.
4 Operators creating 4 different drum sounds.
Each Operator have three sound sources with short envelope : Two oscillators, one noise source with 3 different resonant filters. But also a tape delay, a little reverb, an overdrive and many other abilities like random panning, unstability, gated random delay time, FM possibility between the two oscillators, dephasing, 4 different waveforms for each oscillator, LFO, many velocity routing etc.

Brums is close to the famous and great Microtonic by Soundcharge, but more focused on sounds.
This device is able to send Each Operator sounds to separate audiotrack, which is useful to add audio effect and mix only one Operator.

This guy made a really great demo.










Brums is a free Max for Live device, it’s thousands hours of work, but fuck audio capitalism, we want to make music, not money !
if you want to support my work and help me, feel free to donate what you want via paypal to :


Chants is a 2 voices granular pitch-shifter & plate reverb audio effect.
Two independant voices can scale, pitch-shift and reverb any audio input.
A third reverb and scaler can be added to the initial audio input.

Chants is inspired by Clouds from Mutable Instruments, but I didn’t used any source code from Mutable. Like Clouds, granular events can be played constantly, or at a defined rate, or even randomly with a defined random rate. The pitch of each Pitch-shifter can also be played randomly and this random range can be defined, and synced to the tempo.
Scale act like a simple auto-tune, but not so powerful for low and mid frequencies. I designed this effect mostly for a human voices and high mono melodies.
Independant plate reverb for each voices and sound sources can be applied with time and mix.
And many more possibilities like random panning, feedback to send back to the pitch-shifter the sound he already pitch-shifted, a pre-delay etc.

Chants is a free Max for Live device, it’s hours & hours of work, but fuck audio capitalism, we want to make music, not money !
if you want to support my work and help me, feel free to donate what you want via paypal to :



Pitcho is a smart freestyle pitcher.
He’ll be the best friend of self-generative music, happy accident, or even randomly played & scaled chords. Simply set the note range for axis X, and the velocity range for axis Y. Go to scale to choose which notes Pitcho will play, and that’s it ! Press and sustain any key of your keyboard to activate him, and click anywhere on the pad.

Pitcho is a free Max for Live device, but if you want to support my work you can donate what you want via paypal to :

Chorb is a Chord generator, simple scaler and pitch randomizer all in one.
Sometimes finding chords or pushing up chord variations can be tricky. Chorb is made for that.
He will be able to play four note in addition to the one curently playing, scale them, and play them randomly in a defined range.

Chorb is a free Max for Live device, but if you want to support my work you can donate what you want via paypal to :

Let me know what you think about these devices !

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